Bodycare for Beginners

Bodycare. Some know what it is, while others have no clue. To those who are a bit in the middle of the spectrum, welcome to bodycare 101.

This week, we give the key ideas to have in mind when curating a perfect bodycare routine made just for you. Bring a soft towel and an open mind, your bodycare basics are here.

First things first- find the right cleanser.

Focus on natural, chemical-free products that won't cause irritation and will leave a polished touch to the skin.

Next, look to find a gentle, clean exfoliate.

Yes exfoliation includes scrubbing, but you don’t want the abrasive or harsh ingredients of the exfoliant creating micro-tears in the skin.

Lastly, let's go grab your moisturizers.

Applying moisture, whether it's from a body moisture bar like the St. Almond Lait Bar or a natural lotion is integral. This step seals in much-needed hydration after cleansing or exfoliation.

Seeking more info? Keep an eye out for next week's Wellness Tips.

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