Four Ways to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

Learn how to get rid of strawberry legs this week. #Tip 1- Moisturize the affected skin thoroughly on a daily basis. We recommend using a light-weight moisturizing product that contains non-comegdogenic, plant-based ingredients.

#Tip 2- Exfoliate routinely with a gentle touch.

Try to keep the exfoliation to 3-4 times a week, depending on skin sensitivity.

#Tip 3- Swap out your razors from a hair-gripping epilator.

The epilator can be a more painful route, but shaving with razors that are too dull or sharp may be the main cause of your “strawberry legs”.

#Tip 4- Skip the shaving cream and opt for natural, lathering body soap like our St. Almond Lait Bar.

Once again, leaning towards gentle, all-natural products can serve a great benefit to those who suffer with strawberry-like texture on the skin.

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