How to Revive Dry, Dull Skin

Hi Lalovelies!

Tired of dealing with a dull complexion? Check into this week’s #TuesdayTips and revive your skin.

Exfoliation is key. Dull skin is directly caused by poor blood circulation, therefore, exfoliation is a great way to keep the skin's blood vessels flowing.

Get into the habit of moisturizing daily. Whether it's when you first wake up or before you tuck into bed, moisturizing is a great method of preventing a dull, dehydrated appearance.

Lastly, as much as we may not be doing it in quarantine, exercise! A good workout also stimulates blood flow and evenly distributes nutrients all over your system, which is vital to maintaining a glowing complexion.

That's all for this week. If you have any contributions, leave them in the comment section!

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